What is A/B testing?

What Is A/B Testing In Marketing?

What Is A/B Testing In Marketing?

Testing is Essential to Build Brand Awareness & Lower Your Lead Generation Acquisition Costs

A/B testing takes a scientific approach of experimentation- when one or more content factors in communication (web, email, social, etc.), or audience targeting, is changed deliberately in order to observe the effects and outcomes for a predetermined period of time.

Results are then analyzed, reviewed, and conclusions are made based on the measured engagement and conversions.

Our success is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day.

How Is A/B Testing Done?

6 Step Process to Testing Your Way to Success:
1 Brainstorm & prioritize experiment layouts
2 Find 1 element to test & select your key performance indicators (KPIs)
3 Make a hypothesis & test plan
4 Collect research/data
5 Select the better performing creative or audience
6 Create another test

A/B testing for lead generation

Testing Your Way to Success

It takes time to build a perfect lead generation funnel. The fastest way is to have a testing plan, hypothesis and realistic budget to collect enough baseline data.

Today’s ad networks enable testing, however they recommend closed-loop conversion tracking and budgets to support at least 50 conversions/leads/sales to consider it a viable test.

We can help expedite your testing roadmap by accessing our custom audiences and robust testing library.

Contact us if you’d like to start running tests, measuring your audience and engagement, or would like a free digital analysis and learn how your website is performing.

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