Data Analytics and Strategy

Discover how to leverage your data with a strategic data partner that understands and translates business needs into actionable insights.

Providing business leaders data strategy, analytics and insights, and connecting data silos that lead to improved experiences and processes.


Starts with understanding the business requirements and goals


Discover sales funnel, app and website insights that influence revenue


Actionable data sitting in silos becomes worthless, joining silos creates value and increases revenue

What can ZigZagInfo do for you?

The world’s gone digital. User expectations are rising, even for B2B businesses- regardless of their size. Businesses that thrive have taken a data driven approach and are drawing insights from every actionable event.

Data Strategy

Let’s walk through your use-cases, current state and business requirements.

From there we’ll architect a plan to enable your employees and delight your customers. We’ll work with your team to define their goals and foster a mindset that evolves into a data-driven culture.

Strategies cover everything from Salesforce optimization to data lakes.

Data Analytics

Capturing raw data and turning it into insights requires a team to document the requirements and then work with engineering to capture, store and measure data.

Data exhaust, the user data-trail created from online activities, applies to end users and employees. Capturing and analyzing activities helps cut waste, improve

operations and enables internal teams to strategically adjust campaigns and operations.

Data Pipelines

Stale and decaying data createdisjoined user experiences that impact most KPIs and operations.

Data integration saves employees time and improves user experiences. Securely bring your raw data together while drawing insights from your data-stream.

Businesses that connect their apps and automate workflows unlock and create business value.

Helping Digital Transformations of All Sizes

Everybody Benefits

Let’s talk about how data can keep your business moving forward

The Big Data Pipeline Process

  • Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Microservices
  • IoT Devices
  • Website
  • ETL
  • Stream Data Integration
  • MDM
  • Warehouse
  • Data Lake
  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Microservices
  • Push Notifications
  • Email

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