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Our mission is to empower each phase of your digital strategies using reliable, data-driven technology and proven analytics.

Custom Data to Fuel Your Growth​

Every tested and proven tool we offer creates a rich, engaging customer experience focused on building and strengthening retention, relationships, and value. 

The more we can help you build a strong brand identity that evokes an emotional response in your customers, the better your business will grow.

Why Work with ZigZagInfo?

Our solutions are built to adapt to your business, workforce, and customer needs.

We listen closely to the unique challenges of your business and offer bespoke solutions to seize those opportunities.

You don’t have to believe us. The data speaks for itself. Every one of our solutions presents measurable successes almost from the moment of live integration.

Our greatest resource and competitive advantage is the combined experience and knowledge of our incredible expert team.

ZigZagInfo is here to provide bespoke digital transformation tools to improve your marketing, engagement, and processes without breaking the bank.

Robust Solutions from Lead Generation
to Easy to Read Analytics

Our digital marketing, lead generation, and process technology improve your business processes by leveraging modern RPA and digital transformation tools.

Our goal is to increase your customer’s engagement at every step of your brand-to-client journey.

Start Building New Customer Acquisition Solutions to Grow Your Business

Unleash the potential of your company

Customers Feedback

See What Our Clients Say

Happy b2b lead generation client
“ZigZagInfo has been essential for refining our go-to-market strategy and helped us hit our growth goals.”
Rachel Zoe
Data solutions client
“The team was able to quickly start driving leads and we couldn't be happier."
Tim Jones
“Simply amazing, thank you.”
Jenn Dalton

ZigZagInfo Company Values

We based our interactions and offerings on the data we receive from our valuable clients. They teach us what new programs and services are the best value and where to improve, so we remain an industry leader.

The more we help your business grow, the better our word-of-mouth marketing becomes. Every time we increase your reputation, we get another loyal and satisfied recommendation.

Every product and service we offer needs to be easy to understand, involve strong data analytics, and integrate smoothly into our customer’s infrastructure.

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